Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

We at Cleanest & Keenest clean and restore all types of driveways, we have the equipment and skills that one required to do so.

Over time your driveway can become discoloured and old looking, we are trained in using professional products safely to bring the wow factor back to your driveway

Our staff are fully insured and trained to carry out this work and our vans have the latest hot wash cleaning systems mounted along with 1,000 ltr water tanks that we fill for every job

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Patio Cleaning

There are various types and styles, shapes and sizes of patios all of which are open to the elements here Ireland.

Over time dirt and algae will build up diminishing the color and new look that once was, at Cleanest & Keenest we thoroughly clean and sanitize your patio without damaging the surface. We can clean Indian surface, limestone, block paving concrete, imprinted concrete flagstones and more…

Our vans have the latest hot wash cleaning systems mounted along with 1’000 ltr water tanks that we fill for every job and our experienced staff are fully insured to carry out the restoration of your patio

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Patio Cleaning


Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning

Render has become an increasingly popular choice for finished surfaces on building exteriors in recent years, like everything else it will need to be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking clean and new. That’s where Cleanest & Keenest can help you!

We treat green algae, red algae, black fungus, mould and yellow lichen that may appear on different surface’s like standard rendering, pebble dash or rough dash finishes. We at Cleanest & Keenest are K Rend approved cleaning contractors.

Our Method of cleaning is a safe non aggressive low pressure technique also referred to as soft washing. We use approved products which will effectively reach deep into the root of the effected area, puncturing their call walls and killing all growth with out damaging the finished substrate whilst leaving the property looking like new again.

We at Cleanest & Keenest are fully trained applicators licensed and insured to use professional products we will also provide a maintenance programme to keep your property looking in pristine condition providing a long term solution for the future. Using various application methods with professional equipment the solution is applied through long reach extendable poles, safely from the ground either being sprayed or brushed on depending on contamination.

Higher non accessible area’s our staff are fully trained to use MEWP’s (mechanically elevated working platform) to carry out cleaning duties.

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Brick Pavements

Brick paving is a popular choice by homeowners what people fail to understand it there is maintenance that comes with it.

Moss, algae and weeds will start to appear over time leaving your paving unsightly, slippery or even dangerous.

At Cleanest & Keenest we can safely restore your paving using our hot pressure washing equipment and professional quality products that will thoroughly clean the surface without causing any damage.

Once clean and dry it is recommended that sand be swept into the joints which will help retain the bricks in position and will be pleasing on the eye once again.

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Brick Pavements


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your property, it forms a vital part of a property weatherproofing system.

Over time gutters can get full and clogged up with moss, leaves, broken tiles etc… meaning they are not functioning properly which in turn can prevent water being diverted away from the property and could seep into the walls and even ruin the very foundations which could pose dampness issues also

We at Cleanest & Keenest use a powerful wet & dry vacuum system for cleaning gutters which can reach heights of up to 40ft from the ground where ladders cannot be used safely. We have an inspection camera fitted to make sure all the debris has been removed.

Our staff are also trained on MEWP’s ( mechanically elevated working platform) if needed. We would recommend that gutters are cleared out once a year to prevent any build up

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The Softwashing revolution has hit town, and we at Cleanest & Keenest are professionally trained applicators. Softwashing is a low pressure form of deep cleaning. Using licensed products, we apply using various application techniques.

We softwash both commercial and residential properties ensuring your property is not damaged in the process and stays cleaner for longer. We will recommend and provide a maintenance programme for your property to keep it looking fresh and clean all year round.

Our staff can clean and restore all types of walls, roofs, cladding, paths, patios and driveways therefore killing and removing the following: green algae, red algae, black fungus, mold, moss and lichen among other forms of living organisms and bacteria.

We are fully insured, cover all areas of Dundalk, North East and across Ireland for softwashing cleaning contracts

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